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I have always enjoyed taking pictures and, while never formally schooled, developed my skills slowly but surely by making all the mistakes that most self-taught photographers make along the way. and probably a bunch more.

After getting over the technical challenges, the real trick to photography, I think, is accurately capturing what you see. I'm not a big fan of digital manipulation or filters or hard editing to improve a photo. A photo should be, in my opinion, an accurate representation of what was seen at the scene. And that realistic requirement drives the rest of my work.

Most importantly what that means is if you want to take realistic and beautiful photos, you have to get yourself to beautiful places. For that piece of my photography, I am totally dependent on my partner in life and travels.. the king of all navigators, the person who makes sure I'm where I need to be with a full tummy and an empty bladder when the sun is at the right angle and the animals or birds or flowers are most likely to appear. Without him, none of this would be, and for that I am eternally grateful and indebted.

For those of you that need technical info.. I am a Canon fan, currently shooting with a Canon 7D, using a 20D and 5D as back-up, and when I need more reach. Some photos on this site may have been taken with previous cameras.. namely the 10D or long ago and far away, the D30. Lenses currently used include Canon L 70-200, Canon L IS 100-400, Canon 28-70, Tamron 17-35. 99% of the photos are shot on tripod (Manfrotto) with a pistol grip and remote, in JPEG format. The vast majority of our equipment was purchased at Allen's Camera in Levittown, PA.

Our agency for Royalty-free licensing is ISTOCKPHOTO, and here's the link to our portfolio there.

Our greeting cards and framed prints are available here, at select craft shows across NJ and eastern PA, and at the Rancocas Woods Craft Co-Op. Craft s how dates and locations are noted on our blog. Come out and see us. We're always on the look- out for smiling, familiar faces!

If you have any other questions about our equipment or really anything on this site, please feel free to send it along in an e-mail. We're always happy to share what we've learned and believe sharing our experiences is the best way to pay it forward for those who have shared their knowledge with us in the past.

Thanks for stopping in and we hope you enjoy your visit!

Happy trails,
Carolyn (Photographer) and Howard (King of Navigators)

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